PGC 9300 Series Process Gas Chromatographs

Gas chromatograph for analysis of natural gas and biogas

  • PGC 9301: for natural gases
  • PGC 9302: for biogas
  • PGC 9303: for mixed gas
  • PGC 9304: for mixed gas with hydrogen admixture of up to 20%
  • Suitable to measure the gas components (see table), of which the following is calculated: calorific value, standard density, Wobbe index and relative density
  • The analysis system consists of the components:
    – analyzing unit with 2 or 3 column modules
    – analytical computer with archives
  • Calculation of calorific value according to ISO 6976 and GPA 2172
  • Automatic recalibration
  • Multistream version for up to 4 gas streams
  • Calculation of the methane number (option)
  • Windows based operating software RMGViewGC with functions like
    – viewing, changing and export of parameters
    – parameter report editor
    – displaying and saving chromatograms

PTB approved for natural gas and biogas,
also for natural gas with oxygen and hydrogen fractions up to 5%.