Effimax - Maximising Boiler Efficiency - Monitoring Control System


The cost of buying a new boiler is small compared to the amount of money spent in operating the boiler year on year. This is a known fact and also known is that this expense is governed by boiler efficiency. Although "Boiler Efficiency" is an important parameter in the boiler specification when buying a new boiler, little attention is given to it once the boiler is steaming. The myth is that the boiler will always continue to generate steam at the rated efficiency. The truth is that one of the most critical parameters in boiler operation is its delivered efficiency in actual operation. We say boiler efficiency is the most critical parameter of boiler operation because every boiler generates steam ( its primary function and we  have not yet come across a boiler that does not generate steam). What distinguishes one boiler from another is actually at what cost steam is generated.

Our surveys plant after plant after plant show the true delivered boiler efficiency to be lower by 3% to 12% than rated. And yes, all these plants thought they are getting the rated efficiency, or may be just slightly lower. Usually ignored, the boiler continues running at lower efficiency and consuming much more fuel than it actually should. Data collected from a hundred different boilers show boilers operating at very low efficiencies. This definitely would not been the case had people not thought their boiler were operating efficiently. It is expensive to turn a blind eye to boiler efficiency !

No matter how noble the boiler manager's intentions of reducing fuel consumption are, without useful data, that's what they will remain - Intentions. The reason of EffiMax series of online boiler efficiency analyzers is to provide critical data for analyzing these sources of fuel consumption.