Bơm dầu truyền nhiệt

Bơm dầu truyền nhiệt

Volute Casing Centrifugal Pumps for media above 100 °C, rated performance standardized acc. to EN 22858

Heat transfer oil with a temperature of 100–350 °C which must not contain abrasive particles and must not be chemically aggressive to the pump’s materials.

Technical data 

Flow range: up to 600 m3 /h 

Head range up to 90 m 

Speed range up to 3600 rpm 

Casing pressure up to 16 bar 

Impeller diameter 160–250 mm 

Suction nozzle DN 32–DN 150 

Discharge nozzle DN 25–DN 125

Materials Nodular cast iron, bronze, cast steel and stainless steel